About the MSFA


Our Mission

The Massachusetts Specialty Foods Association (MSFA) serves as a resource to,  and an advocate for,  the Massachusetts specialty foods industry, to support the commitment to excellence and the entrepreneurial spirit that contributes to the uniqueness and quality of Massachusetts specialty foods.

The MSFA provides education, networking and peer support, sales and marketing opportunities, publicity and technical assistance for its members and their customers so that member companies may grow and flourish, thereby strengthening and improving the long term viability of the food and farm sector of the Massachusetts economy.


What we Offer

The Massachusetts Specialty Foods Association is a statewide non-profit organization with a vibrant membership of over 100 specialty food producers and associate members. This dynamic organization is the only non-profit association in Massachusetts devoted to promoting and supporting the specialty food industry in New England. Companies that received MSFA support in their early stages whose products nowenjoy  national distribution include Smartfood Popcorn and  Stacy’s Pita Chips.  Members are fiercelycommitted to  craft and quality and are part of an expanding interest in natural and organic, locally produced, healthier and better tasting food.

The MSFA is a supportive community of specialty food producers and associate members that works together in a collaborative, non-competitive mode.   Its active member forum offers a valuable online resource  for members to connect and ask questions relating to their businesses and receive answers from the membership.  Networking events at member companies provide opportunities for showcasing products, connecting with fellow members, and gaining helpful information for growth of their ventures.

The MSFA offers educational seminars on topics relevant to the needs of its members as well as marketing opportunities featured in its monthly newsletter “Food for Thought – Quick Bites”. Members receive a profile with photo in the newsletter in addition to valuable information on marketing opportunities, including  food shows .  The MSFA website offers a member directory with contact and product information, links to members’ websites,  calendar of events,  as well as a wide range of information and useful  links to resources.  The MSFA is a sponsor of the N.E. Food Show and the Boston Wine Expo, where members enjoy special pricing on booth space.

The MSFA’s Massachusetts Gift Basket Program though Pemberton Farms in Cambridge offers severalbeautiful gift baskets of our members’ products  which are extensively marketed throughoutNew England and sold through the Pemberton Farms catalog and website.

Associate members provide a range of services, including nutritional labeling, legal , product testing,  insurance, accounting, advertising, graphic design, packaging, labels, and consulting for start-ups and mature companies.

The MSFA enjoys collaborative relationships with the MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources, where it is one of the MDAR’s commodity groups, as well as the National Association of Specialty Food Trade (NASFT).